This is where it all happens. ‘THE SHED’ brings the life to the Mudgee bar scene. Every Friday and Saturday night from 7:30 the lights come down, and some of the best talent around lights up Mudgee for a hell of a knee-slappin good time. Dancing is highly recommended (subject to current Covid rules of course).

Every Thursday night, Roths Wine Bar sees the locals and some extras descend upon ‘THE SHED’, to battle it out in all out WAR… Trivia. Apart from some fierce competition, its alot of fun. There’s prizes, and a nice little jackpot ready to be taken out each week. It kicks off at 7pm, but get yourself in early to get your hands on some delicious comfort food before the masses arrive. Bookings essential as we pack out.

The Courtyard

The bridge between the shed and the dining room, ‘THE COURTYARD’ brings a whole lot of warmth to Roths. Oozing swagger and packed with character, it is easily the best seat in the house. Opening up to giant barn doors is ‘THE SHED’. Meaning it’s still a great spot to watch over the live music, while maintaining a great nook to escape most of the party. And dont let the word courtyard fool you, It’s completely closed in and heated for those frosty Mudgee nights.

The Cellar

Housing only local wines, ‘THE CELLAR’ showcases the largest selection in Mudgee, with over 100 local drops to choose from. Feel free to pick a bottle (or two) to enjoy with us. Or alternatively if you want to enjoy some at home around the fire, take some away at a discount. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to help guide you on your wine journey to make sure you find something to suit your style, just ask.

The Bar

Whether you’re craving a nice big Mudgee red, one hell of a cocktail, or a nice cold amber ale, ‘THE BAR’ has you covered. With a healthy selection of wine by the glass, you wont be unimpressed by what Roths have available, hell you may even get to try a few drops in you flash the bartender a grin. Its never been easier to hit a few Mudgee wineries in one go.

Be sure to ask about our famous Roths cocktail the ‘1080’. A legend to the locals. A drink that’s been around longer than sliced bread, with a better back story.

30 Market St, Mudgee NSW 2850 | (02) 6372 1222 | ABN 59 610 622 127


30 Market St, Mudgee NSW 2850 | (02) 6372 1222 |

ABN 59 610 622 127